Brian Oliván: “I arrive at Espanyol at the best moment of my career”

brian oliv has this afternoon been introduced as a new player of Spanish. Vänsterbacken, who has signed for the next three seasons, is first reinforcement with 22-23. He comes with the letter of freedom because he ends the contract with Majorca. The defender, who has been accompanied by Mao Ye, CEO, and Domingo Catoira, Sports Directorhas insisted that he is in the best moment of his career.


“I want to thank those who invested in me. I come with a lot of ambition and will to meet this new challenge in my sports career and I hope it will be a very exciting stage. I will with the desire and intention to have the best possible season “.


“They gave me a lot of confidence. We started a new project and I come home again. I went when I was 19 and I come back when I’m 28. Coming home is always special.”

Diego Martinez

“What he will ask me and ask for remains between him and me. I have talked to him. He is looking forward, just like me, to start this stage. We have a similar mentality. It is a new cycle and I looking forward to it ”.


“I would define it with pride, feeling and that it is a family, which is very important.”


“Talking about long-term goals is a mistake, you have to go day by day. Setting short-term goals is better, we get to see a little at a time ”.


“I come with desire and ambition. I’m coming to fight for a place in eleven, otherwise I would not have come. This mentality is good for the group and for the team ”.

personal moment

“I think I have been through several places and phases, and now I am in my best moment of sports maturity, so I come to Espanyol in my best moment.”


“I can add ambition, effort and commitment.”


“I came to Mallorca, I played with them in the first division. I think I came to the best moment of my career and wanted to improve. That’s the main thing. I want to stop, like every season, being a better player.”


“I come from here, I come home. It is important because I am very familiar. It was important to go back to Barcelona and be with my people.”


“I believe that when you face difficult moments is when you overcome yourself. Everything has served me well and I am in my best moment.”

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