Catalan: “Undersell? The goal is to start the season with a better team than this year”

ABefore the plot began there BetisIn addition to honoring its 3,000 oldest members, we took the opportunity to present their new membership campaign for the 2022-23 season, the Vice President of the Verdiblanco Club, Jose Miguel Lopez Catalanwent through the unit’s official television to analyze how these first weeks in the transfer market are going for his team.

The party with the 3,000 oldest members

“Today is a day of celebration, joy, watching South Goal and seeing all our Betis friends and being able to be together for a while is spectacular. And stepping on the foot of the stadium is always exciting, even for us who are here every day “Very satisfied, with a lot of work, as you know, but very satisfied”

a spectacular year

“The year has been spectacular. Not only this year, we have had a pretty good cycle of playing in Europe, going to Milan, going to Budapest, Leverkusen, Saint Petersburg, fighting for the Copa del Rey because we think we can be there , of unity too, which is very important, for stability, for happy and satisfied players, for a foundation that we have that does a fantastic job, these weeks with the supporter clubs … Everything raises our level of joy and gives us feedback. You must continue to work with humility, but also enjoy it with your Betis friends. ”

The market is not stopped, there are weeks of many contacts, talks, negotiations …

López Catalán, Vice President of Betis

A market in “stand-by”

“The market is not like it is stopped, but how it works is like that. All these weeks have meant many contacts, many talks, negotiations … But to make decisions, you have to reach a time when the players, the agents, the clubs decide. Right now we have to work hard, have everything ready, but with the calm and confidence that we have a fantastic squad, a fantastic team, practically all players who want to stay in Betis ”.

Betis does not want to sell players

“On the contrary, we have a team that works, I would tell the fans to be calm because the goal of this market is, as always, to start the season with a better team than the one we have this year. That’s where we’re going, with the coach and the sports directorate that we have. This works and we will continue on that path “.

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