Víctor Font: “Laporta has no bad intentions, but he improvises and that can be dangerous”

Victor Fontpartner and former candidate for the presidency of Barcelona, has this morning examined the situation of the Barça unit and has revealed that he has met with the board to present his proposals, in particular those referring to the statutory reform. The businessman has lamented the lack of plan Joan Laporta, which, he assures, … Read more

Key week for Quique

ANDhe next Monday, the Getafe will return to work on the traditional tests and physical examinations that will occupy the first two days of next week. After that, the team will move on Roldan Wednesday, July 6 to meet the first “stage” of the pre-season in Alicante. The Madrid coach, in the absence of any … Read more

De la Red: “When we won the penalty shootout against Italy we knew we were going to be European champions”

Ruben from the network has responded to Radio MARCA’s call to remember, on the 14th anniversary of the achievement of European Championships in Austria and Switzerland and tell the listeners Daily what it was like to experience the historic milestone The red under the baton of Luis Aragones and a more than competitive team and, … Read more

Rubén Albés, new coach of Albacete

Albacete Balompié has announced the appointment of Rubén Albés What new coach for your first template. The La Mancha team was the only second division team that still did not have a coach, although in recent days the recruitment of Albés, who sign for one season. Behind Sudden departure of Rubén de la Barrera From … Read more

Tebas: “I hope Lewandowski plays for Barcelona”

Javier Thebespresident of LaLiga, was hopeful on Monday where the Polish striker Robert Lewandowski “can play” in Barcelona next season, by being able to make his transfer effective “with the levers” that the club led by Joan Laporta has implemented. Barcelona is immersed in a work plan to activate one of the two “levers” approved … Read more