Çayırova Municipality promoted to Turkish Basketball 2nd League

Çayırova Municipality faced the team of Ordu representative Ulubey Ohtamış in the first match of the group. While the signs showed 43-42 in the head-to-head match, Çayırova Municipality did not allow the opponent to score for 15 minutes. In this process, the green-whites, who sent 35 points to the opponent’s basket, moved the score to 78-42 and broke the game. In the last part of the fight, which was mutual numbers, ended with the superiority of Çayırova representative 84-47. Çayırova Municipality faced Kadıköy in the second match of the group. The representative of Çayırova, who weighed in against Kadıköy, one of the youngest teams with an average age among the 8 teams that made it to the finals, won the fight 83-61.

While the last match of the group, Karamürsel GSK match, was the final, 2 undefeated teams took the field for the 2nd league ticket. In the match, where the adrenaline level did not decrease for a moment, Çayırova Municipality became the smiling side with a score of 82-73.

Progression to the 2nd League played in Balıkesir came to an end with the completion of the competitions in the final groups. Çayırova Municipality and Kapaklı Municipality, which won all the matches in their groups, guaranteed promotion to the 2nd League and qualified to play the championship match. The match to be played on Friday, April 17 at 14.30 will determine the champion of the season and the winner of the trophy in the Turkish Regional Basketball League. (UAV)

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