Glorious celebration to Gaziantep’s champion teams

The cortege, which started in front of Başkarakol Junction Gaziantep High School and continued until the July 15 Democracy Square, was accompanied by the Metropolitan Municipality Band. The trophies won by the clubs were displayed in the hands of the players in the cortege.

Korteje, Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Fatma Şahin and provincial protocol, Turkcell Women’s Football Super League Champion ALG Spor, Basketball Men’s Youth League Champion Gaziantep Basketball Youth Team, EuroHockey Club Challenge III 2022 Man, European Open Field Champion European Clubs Hockey Champion in Clubs Championship Nizip Zeugma Hockey Club, Men’s Indoor Super League Champion, Polisgücü Men’s Hockey Team, Gaziantep Youth and Sports Club Volleyball Men’s Team, which became the champion of the TVF 1st League, Gaziantep, which qualified to compete in Europe in the Women’s Outdoor Super League, second. Youth Doruk Spor, Men’s Amputee Football Super League 2nd place Şahinbey Belediye Amputee Football Team and Women’s Football 2nd League Champion Asya Spor players participated.

Enthusiasm moved across the city

A ceremony was held at the end of the cortege, which turned the July 15 Democracy Square into a celebration area. At the end of the ceremony, the protocol and the athletes carried the enthusiasm of the championship by making a city tour with buses. The city tour ended with a collective memory photo taken in front of Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality.

“We don’t have oil, but we have a believing youth”

Speaking at the celebration ceremony, President Fatma Şahin stated that she continues to work with the Governor Davut Gül for the goals of “Gaziantep the City of Education” and “Gaziantep City of Sports” and said, “If our young people look to the future with a vision, they develop by reading their minds, they are bodily ‘Healthy mind resides in a healthy body’ proverb. If it does the right thing, our biggest gem will be valued with 600 thousand young people and 4 universities. We don’t have oil, but we have a believing youth. These medals are no accident. There is sweat, courage, love. In order to receive this medal, strategic planning, a believing team, teacher, mother, father and manager are required.”

“The world will talk about Gaziantep’s achievements”

Stating that they will work for Turkey and the world to talk about Gaziantep’s achievements, Şahin said, “We will show the whole world that Gazi city is a sports city, a city of education. Working with love is tireless. We love our country and our youth. We are going to the future with strong steps. Together with you, we will become a ‘Youth Friendly City’. We will show the whole world a city that has achieved its goal. Our young people will write the epic of the second century with science, intelligence, education and sports.”

“We will take this flag one step further”

Governor Davut Gül, on the other hand, thanked the athletes, club officials and athletes who made them proud of their achievements and said, “Gaziantep is a city with a claim. When we look at the past, it is a city that has achieved what it wanted and has achieved. We will reach the goal of ‘Sports City Gaziantep’, step by step, with the municipalities, club managers, fans and players. We know that success is not a coincidence, how each athlete sheds their sweat, and how you feel for this city. Together with all our clubs, we will take this flag one step further.”


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