Haro announces a four-year strategic plan to recover losses

TThree years after its latest edition, the Betis was able to once again carry out its now traditional tribute to its most veteran members. On the grass off Benito Villamarinworsened by the concerts and which will be renewed in the coming weeks, the 3,000 oldest subscribers to the unit last night received recognition from the club in an act full of emotion and a very good atmosphere … where there were important messages.

In addition to presenting its new membership campaign, the Verdiblanco Club, through its President, Angel Haroannounced the launch shortly of a strategic plan of a financial nature with which the club hopes to not only return to profit, after two years of red numbers due to the pandemic, but also to recover these losses within a period of four years and have sufficient margin to close the stadium Benito Villamarin with the construction of a new level preferably.

“We are finalizing the strategic plan that will be released in a few days. We have defined Beti’s mission to make the Betis people happy. And one of our goals is for you and your families to enjoy it. Betisit fills us with pride to achieve goals and helps us continue to fight, ”began by saying the highest Betis president.

A four-year financial plan

“After receiving Cup you have heard that this is not an end in itself, we must continue to grow. We should not sleep, it will help us gain more strength to continue to grow. We have very important challenges ahead of us, the new ones Sport City there will be great progress in the quarry, the completion of the stadium and the surroundings around our temple, the impulse plan which will mean an even greater modernization and the strategic plan. If we end everything Betis will not have a roof ”, he began to tell about the various projects that are going on.

“With allusions to the difficult situation in football, we have shown that we make the best of our resources with humility and work. We must be aware that we can not have negative numbers, we must return to the path of profit, and we must recover the losses during these two years and in the strategic plan we will return to gains and recover losses in four years in this changing world. He explained Haro about this new strategic plan.

In similar terms, the business director had briefly mentioned earlier, Ramon Alarconto this plan which the club will soon present: “The heart of the Betis It is this stadium that must vibrate every Sunday. The strategic plan is where we visualize where Betis within five years and that includes closing this stadium. I imagine the 50,000 members now with the stadium finished, with its roof and roaring non-stop. ”

Losses to be compensated in four years

In it Annual General Meeting end of last year Betis He presented some accounts where he announced losses of just over 36 million euros during the 2020-21 season, motivated by the pandemic, and a budget of 144 million for the current course. Some red numbers that will be repeated this year, unless the club between now and June 30 makes important sales of players from the squad.

The unit’s intention is not to be forced to sell assets at prices below what they consider to be market prices, which is why it has decided to prepare this strategic plan with which, in the event that said transfers are not carried out and undertakes to retain most of the block he runs Pellegrinitracks the lines to follow to return from the 2022-23 season to positive financial results with the idea of ​​recovering all the money lost the last two campaigns in four years.

The President’s emotional speech

Before referring to the aforementioned strategic plan, Haro gave an emotional speech applauded by members: “We share a commitment, unwavering loyalty to certain colors, to a way of life, and this is the true meaning of ‘manqueperda’, which is not conformism that some have wanted to introduce. It’s loyalty, rebellion, being on the side of the one who needs it most … it’s ‘manqueperda’ ”.

“To win a title and establish a stable position in Europe It’s everyone’s job, teamwork. In it Betis We do not believe in personalities or saviors, those times will be over. Because our captain could have lifted Cup Everyone’s support has been crucial. This title symbolizes the work of some players, a team, a brilliant technical staff, all the staff of the club, Afford and above all encouragement from Betis who has always been there “, the businessman continued.

“Is Cup with which thousands of Betis have been photographed makes it clear that it belongs to everyone, not a president or a player as in other times. I would like to pay special tribute to you, the 3,000 oldest members. You have gone through good and not so good situations, with loyalty, and we wanted to thank you. We want to extend it to people who took part in this act three years ago and who will watch us from the fourth ring “, he pointed out before concluding and received another standing ovation for his memory of Betis who has died during the last three years.

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