Jan Vesely to Barcelona step by step! separation is near

While Fenerbahce Beko, who agreed with Dimitris Itoudis on the head coach task, had successive separations, there was a flash development in Jan Vesely, the team’s star name.

According to the news in Mundo Depotivo, after last season’s disappointment, Barcelona took measures for a new squad structure. The Catalan team, which wants to remain competitive by spending less money due to financial restrictions, is very close to recruiting Jan Vesely.

lower pay

According to the details in the news, which show that the Czech basketball player is among the “best centers in the last 10 years in Europe”, Vesely will sign for Barcelona with a lower salary than he earned in the yellow-navy blue team.

Brandon Davies to replace

It was also stated that Barcelona will fill the middle gap created by Brandon Davies, whose head coach Saruna Jasikevicius wants to extend his contract, to leave the team despite all offers, with Jan Vesely. It is also reported that the inclusion of the Czech basketball player Tomas Satoransky in the team was influential in Vesely’s decision.

Architect for the EuroLeague Championship

Vesely, who came to Fenerbahçe in 2014 after his NBA career, has been among the indispensable in the yellow-navy blue team for many years. Vesely, one of the fans’ favorite names on the team, was also among the architects behind the EuroLeague championship that Fenerbahçe won in 2017.

The 32-year-old Czech basketball player averaged 13.6 points, 6.1 rebounds and 2.5 assists in the EuroLeague this season.

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