Karanka: “The key word is illusion”

Lthe persistence slipped between the fingers Garnetbut taking the reins of the team in Second does not scare Aitor Karankawho has decided to continue leading the rojiblanco team, driven by the new project that he explained in the club’s media: “Very satisfied, it’s something we experienced last season. We noticed the affection from the people from the first moment and we noticed it at the end, the human quality that we found from the first day at the club has been one of the important reasons why we have decided to return, because of that affection and the enthusiasm that surrounds the club and the fans ”.

The coach from Vitoria did not take long to accept the Andalusian club’s proposal after talking to Nico Rodriguez Y Alfred loved: “We speak the same language, which is football, it seems silly, but from the first conversation we speak the same language. The key word in all this is enthusiasm, from the first moment we meet there are synergies and communication that work We have known each other much longer because we all three want the same thing and we know what we want.

“We know how complicated this other is”

Karanka thinks they are putting on baser to build a solid and ambitious project: “Illusion is the word, we are in a world like football where we know that even by doing things very well it is very difficult to achieve the goals, but it is always easier to achieve these goals when they do things well that I think they will start doing this year ”.

The goal Of course, it is to return to the highest category, but Karanka already warns of the difficulty: “We know what we are, we know how complicated this second division is, there are many examples, there were teams that it seemed like in September they would not fighting for anything and now they are in the first division, and others who seemed to be in the first division have not gone up. The word is illusion and also work, if you do not work no matter how hard you do things well, they will not come out. You have to convey that illusion and the desire that the fans who fill Los Cármenes see their team win almost every match ”.

“Not because we come from the first division, we will win the matches”

Granada will have to rub themselves with rivals very demanding and he must be prepared: “There are many historical teams, they have even played European competitions, that competitiveness in the end makes you get the best of yourself, it is important that we know that every match will No, by coming from the first division or believing that we are the players or the coaching staff in the first division, we will win the matches, we are in the second division and we must know that every match will be complicated, there are many teams with the same goal and that we will have to fight very hard from the beginning ”.

The pre-season is already on the horizon and Karanka is just thinking about putting on his overalls and starting to carve out a competitive team: “It would be perfect if we came to the first League match with all the concepts and physical we want to be, but the League is very long , it is important to start well but also to finish well, you have to have a lot of knowledge about the players, the squad and the competition to take the right steps. The important thing is that in bad times, the team, with the alliance it has always shown and the tactical and physical concepts, the team can fight. A lot of enthusiasm, a lot of desire, we know where we are, we know what we want and now we have to work, which is important ”.

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