Leonardo’s ‘problem’ with Peter Lim: a ‘vase’, not

Leonardo and Peter Lim have talked some time ago and they exchanged views on how to view a working relationship in Valencia. At least the club owner is trying seek consensus with the Brazilian leader who has already recognized the contacts and became the first candidate to hold an institutional position halfway between sports and institution as announced by MARK. But it is not an easy thing. Rather prickly.

Because Leonardo will not bow to the first thing Peter Lim has suggested to him. Why? what is the problem? The The image that Peter Lim’s Valencia has especially projected in recent years does not help for someone to decide to join the unit as a senior position because if they will not have some independence, it is difficult to believe any call or suggestion.

The point is that Leonardo can give the impression of being easily “modelable” for being at PSG, and that’s not the case. MARCA has driven the opinion from sources who have been closely linked to direct deals with PSG during these years and the Brazilian has temperament and ambition. And therefore will not accept being a “vase”. And that’s where the whole problem lies. That he treated, for example, in a more lukewarm way in the interview in L’Equipe. That contact but without further ado … that the former PSG leader lost.

Leonardo is a recognized guy in elite football in Europe. In fact, his the role in PSG has been very active after all. and has had decision making and representation. Maybe that’s why his bike is over. Their project has not worked despite the unlimited investments it has been able to make.

Ambitious: want power and autonomy … danger?

That is, and in short, Leonardo will ask to be active. What happens is that Valencia is Valencia with a special management. Of course, Lim tries to polish that profile with the Brazilian. It combines institutional leadership and representation with being up to date in sports. And it is the battle that must be fought. The key to it all. Therefore, the times in this negotiation – and contacts – are those dictated by Lim with Leonardo.

What features can Lim offer you … This is where it will all be there. Leonardo fits Lim’s profile: European football connoisseur, copes with owners, has a left hand and knows how to position himself after the momentbut not everything works …

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