Mallorca leaves behind the bankruptcy

Twelve years. This is the time that has passed since RCD Mallorca started a bankruptcy to settle their accounts and leave behind a debt of EUR 65 million. As ratified by the Official Journal of the Trade Register (BORME), the bankruptcy proceedings have been closed. “The cessation of all restrictions on administrative powers and the disposition of the bankrupt” were also confirmed.

It should be remembered that last summer, Mallorca itself reported that when the 2020-21 season ended, the debt to the treasury had ceased. Now it was important to contact the Swedish Tax Agency, something that has already been achieved as well. The arrival of Robert Sarver and the company has been the key to seeing how this debt has been reduced a little at a time, to the point that it does not exist.

Following the publication of BORME, Mallorca ends one of the most sensitive episodes in its entire history. And it is that just before entering bankruptcy proceedings, the Balearic unit -back 2010 – groped with the disappearance. The shareholders have added enough financial muscle so that this calm situation has gradually been achieved. In addition, these shareholders have invested more than EUR 40 million since 2016, of which 25 have been used to settle the debt.

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