Merkez Efendi started

Stating that the transfer work continues, the staff stated that they will establish a team that the people of Denizli will be proud of. It was announced that the Denizli representative, who managed to stay in the league for the first time last season, did not have financial problems, that the players were paid, and that they will set out with an ambitious staff in the new season.

Vice-President Veli Tefenlili, who said, “Our fans should be comfortable,” said, “Even though we had a bumpy performance in the ING Basketball Super League, where we competed for the first time last season, we managed to stay in the league. It was a great experience for us. We started the new season by learning lessons from our mistakes in the new season. We will have a very different team watch this season,” he said.

Saying that they will make the necessary reinforcements to the team, Vice President Gökhan Gökşin said, “We will build a good team. There have been players who left the team, but we will bring in better ones. The new season will be more difficult than the previous seasons. We have the best league in Europe. We are fighting in a competitive league. That’s why.” “A team worthy of Denizli will emerge. We have goals and we are doing our best for this. This season will be very different for us. We have no financial problems. Our goal is to stay in the league,” he said.

Farewell to 4 Names

Yukatel Merkezefendi Belediye Basket has officially announced that they have parted ways with 4 names before the new season. In the Denizli representative, who will renew his staff to a large extent, the management has issued a farewell message for Assistant Coach İnanç Koç, as well as players Serkan Menteşe and Turkish Basketball League teams Çağdaş Bodrum, who have agreed with Yiğitcan Turna and Hakan Yapar.

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