Nahikari García, Barkala’s bet for Athletic Club

ANDAthletic Club is waiting to solve its future in the upcoming presidential election. In full campaign Ricardo Barkala’s candidacy announced that in the event of victory they would try to meet the signing of Nahikari García, a 25-year-old national team player and currently in the ranks of Real give a plus of ambition to the women’s team project.

“We are investing in the ladies and we want the players to stay with an attractive project, we want to recruit Nahikari García, she fits in very well, they have a contract with Real Madrid but we see an agreement possible,” he said. Ainhoa ​​Tirapu, who is the sports director for the Barkala candidacy.

The truth is that Nahikari’s situation in the capital is not as good as the football player expected when she was introduced just now a year ago. The The pearl of the urn was presented on July 1, but could not debut with the team until the end of August and her first goal as a white player was resisted until November 13..

discrete numbers

The striker has played in total 38 matches, but only 21 as starting for a total of 3,414 minutes and only four goalsa background below the numbers that used to sign on in her past as a Real Sociedad player.

Nahikari’s contract with Real Madrid expires on June 30, 2023even if he does not go into the plans – at least as a priority – of Alberto Toril within the Athletic Club believes that it would be possible to reach an agreement for his departure.

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