Sevilla’s half-smile in the Koundé case

ANDhe interest from clubs as powerful as Barcelona, for clubs and players, can not be ignored. The insistence by Xavi Hernandez in hiring a central and that the chosen one is Jules Koundé It has reached the ears of Sevilla’s leaders through the media. At the moment, they have hardly let down, as no one has contacted either officially or through intermediaries to test the possible sale of the French midfielder to the Barça club. The only thing they know firsthand in Nervión is five-year deal between Koundé and Chelsea and they are just waiting for the South London club to complete its new internal organization to sit down and lay the groundwork for a transition that will exceed 60 million.

another question would be if Koundé had no suitors and the only way to get profitability out of it was to sit down with Barcelona to negotiate, with the knowledge that the culé economy is not even going through its best moment in a distant way. That is not the scenario that arises. Sevilla’s intention is for Koundé to fulfill his desire to play in Chelsea. With equal proposals in Seville, they prefer that the defender go to the Prime Minister. In any case, the interest in Barcelona and the prominent position that Koundé’s figure has achieved in the market is not considered with displeasure in Sánchez-Pizjuán. The exact opposite. The fact that Barcelona is in the middle can only encourage potential buyers to complete the transfer as soon as possible and the starting price was also raised slightly.

Convince Koundé

The only but or possible problem is that It ended with Barça convincing Koundé and his entourage and the football player was squeezed to carry an azulgrana. It is a scenario where he does not find the operation, but neither is it out of the question. There, the Andalusian club would have a problem, then Barcelona does not want to pay the lowest that Sevilla has set as a starting price: 60-65 million. But in Nervión, they slip away nothing would happen if Koundé remained.

They have other options for sale in the market. And the player has left another two-year contract. He wants to leave and you know what happened to him because he waited for Chelsea until the end of August and turned down a juicy offer from Tottenham at the beginning of the market. He does not want to see himself in that situation again. Not Seville either. He prefers to end once and for all with an operation of too many summers in a row without a solution. All roads lead to Chelsea. And if it’s with a better offer for Barcelona’s interest, better for Monchi and your team. They will have more liquidity in the transfer market.

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