Swedberg: “I like Celta’s project and it has always been a dream to play in Spain”

ANDin a very correct Castilian, a product of the years he lived in Valencia, Williot Swedberg expressed his satisfaction at coming to Celta for the next five seasons: “I am very happy. It’s a dream to play here in Spain“, Says the 18-year-old Swedish midfielder.

He has already had his first contact with Vigo, his new club and the facilities: “It is a very good city with a very nice sports city, very modern and new.

They give me advice and tell me to keep my feet on the ground, but they also leave me alone


He is not happy: “It is a dream come true but there is a long way to go because I want to play. I have always dreamed of doing it in Spain, since I lived in Valencia when I was little. I’ve always wanted to play in LaLiga. I like Celta’s project. ” Son of a football player, they advise him: “They tell me to keep my feet on the ground. They give me advice but also leave me alone.”

Williot Swedberg defines himself as a football player: “I am a technical, intelligent player and I can also run. I can play 10, 8 but also on the wingsHe has already spoken to Eduardo Coudet: “I spoke to him via video, since he was in Argentina. He seems to be a nice person. “

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