Tebas: “Valencian society does not understand the economic situation of Valencia”

ANDthe president of the League, Javier Thebeshas defended the management of peter lim, maximum shareholder of Valenciain front of the club of Mestalla justifying that it was forced to reduce spending on staff due to the pandemic and the departure of the team Champions. At breakfast with Sports Press Association of Valladolid, the president of the employer’s association has clarified that not all foreign investors in football clubs are the same. In the question, the comparison was made with that of the sheikh Al Thani, from Malaga: “Valencia is not comparable with Malaga. When Malaga buys Al-Thani, it does so without economic control and the first year they spent what is not in the writings to buy players and entered the Champions League and everyone made a monument to Al Thani. What no one knew is that all those investments could not be paid. That’s where the Malaga crisis comes from,” said Javier Tebas when asked about the similarities.

Later, he added: “Peter Lim’s Valencia I think is different. In Valencian society, the economic situation of Valencia is not understood. To Peter Lim when he came to Valencia 26,000 people received it. Long live Peter Lim and Amadeo Salvo go out the door” [esto no solo no fue así sino que Salvo fue presidente ejecutivo con el magnate singapurense].

He had two bad years, he won the Copa del Rey and again ‘long live Peter Lim

Javier Thebes

Tebas sums up Lim’s career from his third season at Valencia: “He had two bad years, he won the Copa del Rey and ‘long live Peter Lim’ again. Let’s not pay attention to the roller coasters and Let’s keep stability in mind.”the president of the League explained again that he referred to the conjunction of two factors (staying out of the Champions League and the pandemic) to explain the bad moment that the Mestalla club has gone through tafter winning the Copa del Rey in 2019. “Valencia had just a major economic problem. Lthe arrival of COVID was joined with a year that just did not get into Champions. It had to reduce its budget by 130 million euros. What does a club owner have to do? Reduce 130 million expenses and sell players. That’s what he did and that obviously has a sporting costbut that is what has happened in the history of Valencia”.

for Thebes, Valencia’s solution goes through finish the new stadium, that can allow you to increase your income per season. “If they finally let him finish the stadium, Valencia will have some extra income of between 20 and 30 million euros a year, which he does not have now, I compare it with the case of Athletic with the Metropolitan Wanda. That will change a lot the philosophy and approach of Valencia”.

And the president of the employer’s association describes again that the little interest from Meriton Holdings -company that holds the majority shareholding of the club- with the new stadium has to do with pproblems with public administrations. “Without CVC money possibly Valencia, they couldn’t have finish the stadium that carries 13 years unemployed. Lets see if we finished with the problem they have there with politics“, he finished.

On the level of Gattuso

He was also asked about the quality of LaLiga coaches. The name was expressly mentioned Gattuso as coach of Valencia and was compared with others like those of Guardiola or Mourinho : “I almost worry more about the club than about the coach, because has to put Valencia where the fans and its owner want, logically. Just like the players, you have to have the best players and coaches, I would like Mourinho and Guardiola to be training in Spain, but nothing happens if they can’t be. We have shown that it is possible to grow and make a sustainable and competitive League that wins European titles”, he concluded.

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