The first names of the Athletic elections point to the Sports Directorate

Lace Athletic elections have already started, but the names are still hidden. The three alternatives to the Ibaigane armchair continue to work to outline their sports projects, which they all define as “very powerful”. Although heThe coaches seem to be the main asset, those in charge of directing the sports directions will also play a relevant role. In fact, everything indicates that the candidates will present their sports directors before their technicians.

So far, the candidacy of Ricardo Barkala is the only one who has confirmed a name for this plot. Ramon Plans He is the one chosen to be sports director in the event that they are winners. Several clubs had been interested in him, especially one Italian and one Spanish. As will happen with the others, the most important thing will not be his ability to detect talent throughout the different continents or the successes in signings. The key will be in his ability to build a recruitment structure that allows the club to control all the youngsters from the Basque Country and then develop them in Lezama.

Arechabaletameanwhile, look for a very concrete figure who is capable of applying his methodology in Lezama and, at the same time, manage the first team. His dream is Marcelo Bielsa, whom he admires for his work. The “Loco” would be a good blow on the table, despite the division of opinions in Bilbao when his name appears on the scene. The first season that was lived with him in Bilbao was magical, but what happened in the second is still present in the memory of a part of the rojiblanco environment.

Uriarte also continues to work without having released any names. One of your optionss Carlos Aviña, current sports director of the Círculo de Brujas. The 31-year-old Mexican He would be one of the three people who would form its sports structure, with the sports CEO at the head of it. For this role, he has been interested in two profiles with experience in the Bundesliga and recognized at a European level. Each candidate will carefully measure the time to uncover his cards, hurrying until the 24th approaches so that the blow is greater. Even so, this week some pieces will fall.

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