Uriarte has the team that led the digital transformation of Barça with a business of more than 600 million

ANDThe financial plan for Izan Athletic goes through a sustainable Athletic. “We have come to make Athletic grow to reinvest in its sports field,” said Jon Uriarte, who this Friday has shown the financial plan for his candidacy. Guillermo Longarte, Adolfo Plaza, Xabi Alvarez Roque Echániz, Ana Díez, Laura Ruiz de Azua, Ainhoa ​​Iza and Ibon Naberan form the working group in a group that warns that “the fixed expenditure structure is incorrectly adapted to income and if the exchange rate does not change, the annual deficit will lead to us becoming indebted in 2027. Athletic generates 40 million euros less than the European club which occupies the 30th position in the ranking.

Uriartes candidacy has been commissioned by the team that led the digital transformation of Barcelona and that it has achieved a business line of 600 million euros in addition to being mentioned by Forbes as the strongest brand in the world in 2021. The group is led by Didac Lee, who will be an advisor to the board, and includes Guiller Graell and Enric Llopart. . “We want a sustainable Athletic. Without naming our stadium and even less to sell players. This money will be to reinvest in the team, but without debt.“, Uriarte emphasized. It did not stay there. “We are determined to account for all of these initiatives to our partners in order to create a better Athletic.”

Guillem Grael, member of the group that launched the digital transformation of Barçaexplained that “in Barcelona we created the biggest digital transformation and now we look at Athletic and we see a benchmark, it’s another club with something similar to what Barça has, which is attractive. The world of the sports industry ends as a model and the areas that allow Growth is brand building, establishing powerful communities and offering services that are willing to pay. We have worked at Athletic Estudios, based on content, at Lezama Tech Lab and above all with international positioning based on the romantic model faced with other types of clubs that make it more attractive ”.

The proposals are varied and are detailed on the website for the candidacy, however based on revenue targets. Among the proposed strategies is to create and manage digital audiovisual content instead of leaving it in the hands of platforms. It is a game that involves creating your own distribution OTT with the aim of “globalizing the Athletic brand. We are looking for a consistent and long-term strategy that offers recurring lines. We have planned a series of documentaries per season that are of great interest“. De the goal is quantified in approximately 3 million euros in annual income and a high volume of cross-selling

The generation of structures is based on the requirement “to be sustainable” and with a reinvestment of profits in the field of sports. Among them is Athletic University, with options for courses and seminars in addition to educational degrees“which will serve to train our own professionals, those from the agreed clubs and at the same time attract professionals in the style of the Basque Culinary Center”, and together with them training and consulting programs. “The Income projection idea is 3 million euros under the Legislature“, explained Xabier Alvarez, who emphasized it in another external operation, the capacity is 10 million euros.

The board member of Uriarte added “Lezama Tech Lab is created to come quickly and implement the latest technology. This is something that several people from this team are dedicated to. That it serves both in the sports field and in managing the stadium. The key is to design an interesting strategy that allows us to establish a high customer value. We will try to save costs on technology while generating revenue from technology licenses that we have been able to develop. Because we are very conservative, we can do it at no cost and generate revenue“.

Sponsorship and community

The details in other areas, which are extensive, note that there are several LaLiga clubs with higher sponsorship income and believes that Athletic must get at least 5 million more per season. And he appreciates that this value gain should also result in the partner, with the opportunity to benefit from different formulas of compensation. Sponsorship contracts, as in other areas, will also be based on goals.

Application as well Find and make money on an opportunity in the figure Athletic Community, which includes non-member fans. The paid supporter or fans, with a range of benefits and options, can contribute 2.5 million euros to the club for courses.

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