Uriarte: “I used to cut my hair like Guerrero, a great player, but over the years you stop having idols”

Jat Uriarte (44 years old) is the youngest of the list of candidates for the presidency. The Izan Athletic candidate sends proximity in a call which he asks to postpone for a moment to answer a call. His working group, on the other side of the door, closes details of the last two presentations of the campaign. They are on a crusade that they want to end successfully: “ We will have an impressive challenge and we have sat down for a period of 180 days to confirm that the diagnosis made is correct and adjust it. We can not waste a second“, he maintains.

What is your first memory of San Mamés?
I started going with a neighbor to us, who had three children and they were very interested in us. I was younger than his children and he sponsored me to take me. The first strong memory was a UEFA match against Juventus after losing 5-1 in Turin. My father took me, who was a member and a loyal fan, but when he got married he promised that he would stop going to football on weekends. He worked a lot and they agreed that he must leave them for the family at least on the weekends. He broke that promise 89, in that game, and he took me and my older sister. I remember a lot about that game, even before they went outside San Mamés it was a mayonnaise campaign and they gave away cans.
What place do you occupy in the area and how long have you been a member?
I have been a member for 25 years and always in the Main High Tribune.
Do they look at you differently on the street because you are a presidential candidate?
Yes and I hope they do it with good eyes. I’ve lost my anonymity. Anyone who is not looking at you or saying anything to you gestures with his elbow against the one next to him.
Do you have a plan for June 25?
Work in the club. We will have an impressive challenge and we have sat down for a period of 180 days to confirm that the diagnosis made is correct and adjust it. We can not waste a second.
Against which rival do you never want to miss every season’s match?
Those who play against Real Madrid, which is a historical rival, in recent years I have been drawn quite a lot to Barcelona, ​​which has made me experience many disappointments, and then I have a family from Gipuzkoa and we experienced the derby with Real in a very special.
Who is the player who has made you enjoy rojiblanca the most?
I started with Alkorta. I loved his twitches from the defense. I also liked how he left Athletic for Real Madrid and cried because he did not want to leave. It stuck with me. Then one of my references was Josu Urrutia, who was a student of Lauro’s where I studied, and you saw one of Lauro’s come to Athletic. He gave hope. But my first idol was Julen Guerrero, who was a great player and a great person. There was actually a time when I wanted to cut myself like him. From then on, you celebrate your birthday and you no longer have so many idols.
And the coach who has taken the face more than once in football discussions?
Txingurri Valverde. It may be that all the merits he has had in the two steps have not been recognized. He did an impressive job. Others are equally well-known or more market-oriented, but Valverde’s work has been fantastic.

We do not come to show up or participate in events, we come to change Athletic with teamwork

What has been your strangest or most memorable trip to see an Athletic match?
Not because it has been rare, but one of the most disappointing was a European group stage match against PSG. There were problems here and the Paris match was declared a high risk and we could not move much on the street. It was a match without salt.
Are you in favor of the chairman of Athletic being paid?
No of course not. I did not come here to make money. I’m here to work for Athletic without anything in return.
Where would you like your office to be: Ibaigane, San Mamés or Lezama?
You can be in all three, but by knowing what your skills are and where you can add more value. In my case, it’s in Ibaigane.
Will it be an executive or institutional president?
Executive, otherwise I would not have come here. We have said it from the beginning: we will not come to show up, to be part of events, we will come to change Athletic But it will be the work of the whole team. This is not just one thing.
Florentino Pérez, Cerezo, Laporta, Ángel Torres, Aperribay…. Is there anyone who calls your attention to something?
Everyone has their own way of doing things. There are models where good work has been done, such as Villarreal or Betis recently. Profiles with people who love your club.
The elected president will arrive at a time of institutional upheaval between the union and the RFEF. What is he going to do?
I do not understand that you have to take part in a page. You need to try to make the relationship with both of them positive. The first is to talk to them and listen to try to build bridges, but we do not know what to find.
Do you know how many workers the club has on the payroll?
You’re looking for data and what you find you do not know if you should find employment contracts, freelancers, full time … In Lezama there should be more than 100 and in Ibaigane a few less.
Will you talk to the coach regularly or report to the sports director?
The general sports manager and coach will have continuous contact and I will be informed about everything, but knowing that the job is theirs. They will have me at their disposal for anything.

Being president is a rational issue that is polluted by passion. If you had no passion, no one would end up in this

Will you invite the other two candidates to your first official match in San Mamés?
In the campaign, we do not see pure attitudes and I hope that they change. If there is a fair game, it is no problem to invite someone, clearly respect the rules that prevail in the San Mamés box.
Can being chairman of Athletic be defined as a passion?
It is a rational issue that is polluted by passion. You take this step because you see it as an obligation for a club that is deteriorating and needs to be transformed, but if you did not have passion, no one would be involved in this.
If he does not win, will he reappear or will he disappear from the stage?
I will leave without resentment and without desire for war. Right now I think I would try to regain anonymity. In the world we live in, there is an abundance of news and what is news one day is forgotten the next. I would enjoy the team again with my friends and family. And of course I would not think about what will happen in four years.

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