Valencia points to Carles Pérez who enters the Guedes operation

Carles Pérez is the key. The Roma midfielder can be crucial in unlocking the operation Guedes to the Italian club. The future of Gonçalo Guedes is accelerating. The player is Valencia’s main asset for managing the accounts and the first on the exit ramp for the Mestalla club. Guedes has given the go-ahead to leave for Romaa team that from the beginning has been on pole to take the Portuguese international.

The key now is to find a meeting place on the economic issue between Valencia and Rome. Mourinho has approved the operation and Gattuso has no choice but to accept it. Valencia opened the negotiations demandingly 40 million euros, an amount that Roma does not come close to. Even with the differences, the operation has the impulse of jorge mendeswhich is already working so that both clubs agree and can close down before the end of June.

Club coach consensus

To balance the operation, the name Carlos Pérez appears from Italy. The player has grown under Mourinho’s orders and both Gattuso and Corona, who already wanted to sign him in January, agree to the arrival. of the player.

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