Valencia presents the new Mestalla: “We are wrong if we believe that Lim has to finish this”

Valencia has presented the new project for the Mestalla Stadium in the community after the authorities’ first setback that knocked down the previous project. Sean Bai (general director), Inmaculada Ibáñez (CFO), Christian Schneider (operations director) and Mark Fenwick (stadium architect) have presented a stadium with 49,000 spectators that can be expanded to 70,000 Valencia has adjusted the initial capacity of the stadium from 42,000 to 49,000 spectators and a maximum of 66,000 to 70,000.

The club has shown the design of new roof and facade of the stadium and has provided information on Benicalap’s future sports center. About the financing of the project, the CFO Inma Ibanez was clear: “We will end the arena yes or yes with or without ATE because we have the money. With ATE we will end earlier, we will start earlier and it will be easier for everyone.” The same CFO issued a more than significant penalty . “We got confused without thinking that Peter Lim has to end this.”

An end, in court?

Despite the new project, the authorities do not seem willing to change the conditions and stop ATE’s exit. Faced with such a situation, Sean Bai, the club’s general manager, assured that they will defend the club’s rights to the end. : “We do not want to judge the process, One proof of this is that we have always tried to go hand in hand with the administration to do a good project. Of course, the club must defend its interests, but we must find agreements. If the administration, despite our willingness to reach an agreement, decides to proceed with the expiry of ATE, the club will be forced to appeal that decision, which would be disproportionate and unfair. “

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