Witsel, a good midfielder… maybe he’s a little late?

Tafter 16 years as a professional in four European leagues and becoming one of the mainstays of Belgium just two seasons after debuting in Standard Liegethere is no doubt that Athletic recruit a good midfielder with the signing of axel witzelalthough perhaps the only but is that his arrival may be somewhat late.

A paradigm for how his career has been, because on some occasions Witsel may have ended up in unusual destinations to prioritize the financial chapter over sports. This is what it looked like in 2012, when he wanted it Juventus and had the potential to become one of the best media in Europe, and chose to go out in Zenit Saint Petersburg. Or 2017, when it was said that Vechia Signora continued to show interest and went to Tianjin Quanjian of the Chinese league.

Still, Witsel can still be a very useful player with a lot to add to Atletico. Until further notice, polyvalence. A right-handed football player can play inside, pivot and has even acted as a center-back … even if his ideal position is in a double pivot, thrown to the left.

In addition, he is a midfielder with a big spreadalthough it is true that over the years and especially, after the rupture of the Achilles tendon, he has lost some of the dynamism and feeling that characterized him.

Witsel also has an important physical presence. He measures 1.86 meters and is a bastion in air duels. In the past year, he has thus been involved in 49 and won 65.3%. His height makes him very useful from regular games both in defense and attack, where he usually contributes 3-4 goals per season.

Insurance on the passport

In addition, Witsel is confident in happens, it’s not too complicated. He has successfully completed 93.2% of what he has given this season, the highest percentage, according to Fbref, among the players with the most minutes in the Bundesliga, a draw with Nico Elvedi by Gladbach. Bet on security passes and even if he is not a football player who breaks lines with his passes, he tries, as far as possible, to play forward. He has lost, yes, a certain explosiveness in the start that allowed him to drive away and force himself in the melee.

tactically has been an anchor for in recent years Dortmund, the football player responsible for balancing a terribly unbalanced team in defensive-offensive transitions. He is a good looking player who positions himself well.

Finally, at the level of intangible assets, it can contribute many things: Job, seniority, experience… Witsel has always been a team player and, although he is not the undisputed starter, he can still give quality minutes to Simeone’s team.

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